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Laser Processing
Catalog CodeW2028
Power Supply Series

This is the power supply (supporting CW and pulse) for driving the laser diode (LD). The power supply for
driving a Peltier element and cooling unit all-in-one type required for driving LD is also part of our lineup.

LD Terminal Short Function
Function to short between anode and cathode of LD when power is switched OFF is equipped. By doing it,LD can be protected from static electricity, etc.

Goggle compatible white display
Letters can be displayed in white. Superior in legibility even when using laser-protect goggle.

Instantaneous power failure detection
LD can be safely protected by shutdown operation after instantaneous power failure detection, while there is electric current running after power has been cut off.

Various Alarm Functions
Alarm with screen display equipped enables prompt identification of cause and repair.

LD operation intergrator
LD operation intergrator function equipped, which is essential for LD lifecycle management.Zero reset available for LD replacement.

Full Interface
Interface equipped for setting in a system. Freely externally operable.

Simple Operation
Electric current limit setting and integrated time check can be done from a handle.

Electric current limit settings
Maximum electric current can be set in parameter. It prevents LD damage deriving from malfunction.

Cooling Unit Equipped Power SupplySXD

This is a user friendly cooling unit equipped power supply for Laser Diode.

Example of Performance Specifications
Part Number SXD
JP Yen 866,000
LD Max. output voltage [V] 3
LD Max. outout current [A] 50
Peltier driving voltage [V] 36
Peltier driving current [A] 9
Input AC voltage [V] 85 - 264
Apparent power [VA] 800
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Specifications of SXD
Part Number Cooling unit equipped power supply
External dimensions (W)413× (H)177× (D)390mm (Excluding projections)
Operation ambient temperature Depends on specifications
Storage ambient temperature -20℃ - 60℃
Ambient humidity 20 - 90%RH (No condensation)
Interface RS232C, emergency stop interlock, emission interlock, emission etc.
Accessory Jumper connector, AC100V cable

Laser Diode driver

Temperature of laser diode is kept at a certain point.
(Peltier, its drive circuit, heat sink, and fan equipped.)

Customized heat sink process can be done for laser diode

High capacity heat sink and fan adopted will cool down LD under high temperature.

Customer-supplied fiber couple laser diode is to be installed in this power supply.


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