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Image Measurement Software°°SGMMSE

This is an integrated software system that easily can be used by a PC mouse, and it enables to
carry out image measurement and analysis, image storage, focus synthesis and so on to support the zoom microscope.

This software is for image processing and measurement with 2.0 Mega pixels USB2.0 Color Camera (SK-TC202USB-AT).
Windows® XP / 7 (32bit) is supported.

Measurement functions]
Image and video capture
Image by BMP, JPG, GIF, and PNG format and Video by AVI format can be saved.
Measurement function
It easily measures the size of an object by clicking the mouse on the screen.
It can measure the distance between two points, the radius and diameter from the point of three or more points, angle, etc.
Calibration function
11 types of calibration settings can be registered depending on the magnification of the zoom microscope.
Camera control
Camera°«s gain, shutter speed, white balance and reversal can be displayed.
Line display
(cross line, scale display)
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SGMMSE 70,000
HDR (High Dynamic Range Imaging) Function

When observed objects with different reflection, an image can be obtained by reducing the overexposure and underexposure.
It can be taken completely the state of the sample.

Hyperfocus / 3D display function

By using the motorized Z-axis stage, it can take an °»in-focus°… picture over the entire screen.
3D images can be displayed from the image of the composed focus.