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Catalog CodeW2046
Reflection Measurement SystemsSGRM-200N

This device allows the measurement of spectral reflectivity in fine areas and curvature surfaces.
For lenses with curvature or ultra-thin samples such as functional sheets,
highspeed and highaccuracy measurement of spectral reflectivity can be realized without being affectedby reflected light on the rear surface.

With a special half mirror, allows efficient reflection of light into the spectrophotometer and fast measurement even at the low reflection samples.
With a special half mirror, prevents reflection from the rear surface and allows accurate measurement without any treatment for the sample rear surface.
(can measure for thin plate thickness of 0.3mm when using 20x objective lens)
Maximized the amount of light by special halogen lamp and unique optical design, allows speedy and high reproducibility measurement.
With very tiny area (φ50µm) measurement, allows measurement of curvature lens surface and coating uniformity .
Compact design for a space saving.
Data to be saved to Microsoft® Excel® spreadsheet.
Multiple measurement results can be overlaid for easy comparison. Fast analysis for good and bad.
Part Number SGRM-200N
JP Yen 5,500,000
Wavelength Range 380 - 1050nm
Object Side N.A, 0.22 (When using 10× objective lens)
0.44 (When using 20× objective lens)
Measurement Area about φ25µm
(When using 10 objective lens)
Measurable Surface Curvature of Object -2R ~ -∞+2R ~ ∞
Measurement Reproducibility ±0.2 (380 - 450nm)
±0.02 (451 - 950nm)
±0.2 (951 - 1050nm)
Readable Resolution 1nm
Measurement Time a few seconds
(depends on the sampling time)
Outer Dimension (Main unit) 270(W) 465(D) 615(H)mm
(excluding protrusions)
Operating Temperature 18 28℃
Ambient Humidity ≦ 60% (Non-condensing)
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