Application System
Catalog Code°ßW2045
Alignment Software


The standard type alignment software which has
the functions required for alignment coded into
the standard motion control software for multi-axis control.

Excellent in cost performance,
having virtually all commands required for alignment.
Best suited for device assembly systems
which do not equire image observation functions.


Software with an image impose function added to
the alignment software ASS-02.

Best suited for cases where device assembly or experiments
cannot be monitored directly and need to be performed while
checking images, such as YAG laser welding.
To manage product devices,
this software has a function to save data and output it into a CSV file.
Other Custom-made Software

Control/software unit used for alignment and assembling systems of optical communication modules.
We can build software such as image processing software combined with motion control or image observation optical systems, or control software linked with other control equipment.
We also provide hardware building and software as a unit or as a total system according to your request.
Contact our International Sales Division for more information.