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  • Notice of the part number and specification change of LED light source device (SLA)
March, 2019
Sales Department

Dear Valued Customers,

Notice of the part number and specification change of LED light source device (SLA)

Thank you very much for your constant patronage.

Please be announced that LED light source device (SLA-100A) will be discontinued due to the end of production of the parts used with SLA-100A once current stocks have been sold out.

We would like to introduce LED light source device (SLA-100B) as a successor product.
The specification of the LED such as color temperature or average luminance will be changed but the external dimensions, mounting of the light guide and the price will be kept.
Please refer the table below for the detail of the difference.
SLA-100B is planned to be sold from early July.

Please be noted that the LED light source device is subject to change to the successor product once the current stocks had been sold out even if requested for quotation or ordered for the current model. The stock status can be checked from the product page of our web catalog.

Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions.
Thank you for your continued support.

Spec SLA-100A (current model) SLA-100B (successor model)
Plans to sell from early July
Color Temperature 5600K 6500K
Power consumption 20W 18W
Average Luminance1 (W.D.=100mm) 5mm/17,900lx 8mm/40,000lx
(W.D.=50mm) 5mm/68,000lx 8mm/130,000lx
(W.D.=15mm) 5mm/510,000lx 8mm/700,000lx
(W.D.=100mm) 5mm/26,000lx 8mm/79,000lx
(W.D.=50mm) 5mm/100,000lx 8mm/300,000lx
(W.D.=15mm) 5mm/820,000lx 8mm/1,800,000lx

1Designed value for each working distance from the end face of light guide. (Straight type, length = 500mm, reference value)