April, 2021
Sales Department

Dear Customers,

Notice of change of the specs and the part number of 2 axis stage controller (SHOT-702)

Thank you very much for your constant patronage.

Due to the end of production of the main internal parts of the 2-axis stage controller (SHOT-702),
some specifications and part numbers will be changed.

SHOT-702 is scheduled to be discontinued in the fall of 2021.
Sales of the successor model, SHOT-702H, are scheduled to commence around May 2021.
Please refer to the table below for the differences in specifications.

Should you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact us.
Thank you for your continued support.


2 axis stage controller Catalogue code:W9045

End of sales Successor product
Part Number SHOT-702 SHOT-702H
Supply Voltage AC100-240V DC24V 3.4A※
Power consumption 50VA 81.6VA
Drive current (RUN) (A/phase) 0.1~1.1 0.25~1.4
Stop current (STOP)(A/phase) 0.1~0.7 50% of RUN (fixed)
Interface RS232C RS232C/
USB(virtual COM port)
Electromagnetic brake power supply Not equipped Equipped
(STAGE connector 9,10 pins)
Dimensions(WxDxH)[mm] 260x280x70 180x119x55
Weight [kg] 2.8 1.0

※Dedicated AC adapter AC100-240V included