Optical System & Interferometers
Catalog Code : W1043
Camera Observation Unit°°IFS2-CMR

You can load interference fringe images onto a PC by replacing the screen component of an interferometer to the imaging lens component and camera component.
Before purchase, check the focus position of the camera and the available range for observation by the camera.
In addition, direct irradiation of laser light will cause saturation due to the high sensitivity of the USB camera.
To prevent this, insert a polarization filter for light intensity adjustment on the laser side, and an ND filter on the camera side.

Product Name Part Number Quantity Optical Axis Height [mm] JP Yen Qty Add to Cart
Polarization Filter Component IFC2-PF 1 175 30,900
Imaging Lens Component IFC2-KL 1 178 61,950
Filter Component IFC2-AF 1 171 12,200
Camera Component IFC2-UC2 1 179.5 167,500
Total 272,550