Optical System & Interferometers
Catalog Code : W1003
Fizeau Interferometer°°IFS2-FZ-25

Simple configuration and short interference optical path length are less susceptible to vibrations
and temperature fluctuations than other two interferometers, providing stability.
Used for observation of surface accuracy of a reflector.
Note that the intensity of reflected light from the measuring surface is not the same as that from the reference surface,
resulting in poor contrast of interference fringes compared to other interferometers.

Product Name Part Number Quantity Optical Axis Height [mm] JP Yen Qty Add to Cart
Laser Components IFC2-L 1 171 Contact Us
Spatial Filter Component IFC2-SF 1 165 136,200
Collimator Lens Component IFC2-CL 1 160 37,400
Mirror Component IFC2-M 1 173 82,450
Beamsplitter Component IFC2-BS 2 178 184,200
Screen Component IFC2-SC 1 222.5 17,200
Total Contact Us