Optical System & Interferometers
Catalog Code : W1002
Mach-Zehnder Interferometer°°IFS2-MZ-25

Two beams divided from a single beam transmit different paths, and are recombined by another half mirror to generate interference fringes.
Since optical paths are not returned by a mirror, it is a single path interferometer where a beam passes a sample only once.
A measured value of this interferometer is twice the result of the Michelson or Fizeau interferometer.
It is used for observation of transmitted wavefronts of transmission samples.

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Spatial Filter Component IFC2-SF 1 165 136,200
Collimator Lens Component IFC2-CL 1 160 37,400
Mirror Component IFC2-M 2 173 164,900
Beamsplitter Component IFC2-BS 2 178 184,200
Screen Component IFC2-SC 1 222.5 17,200
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