Optical System & Interferometers
Catalog Code : W1005
Schlieren SRS

Optical system for quantitative observation of air flow or streams in glass (striae).
It expresses invisible minute variations in refractive index with intensity of optical luminance.
Projection images of Schlieren can be observed on a monitor using an image sensor.

Observation of Air Flow ejected by Air Blower

Use of white light source provides clear images
without irrelevant noises or diffraction fringes.
Since the intensity of white light is low,
requires a darkroom to observe images projected on the screen.
Allows variations in observation area by changing focal length of the imaging lens or position of a sample, lens or camera.
Before purchase, check the observation area.
The maximum observation area is φ27mm.
Contact us if you need a larger observation area.
Product Name Part Number Quantity Optical Axis Height[mm] JP Yen Qty Add to Cart
White Light Source Component SRS-WL 1 171 110,200
Iris Diaphragm Component IFC2-IR 1 169.5 15,200
Collimator Lens Component IFC2-CL 2 160 74,800
Mirror Component IFC2-M 2 173 164,900
Slit Component SRS-SL 1 170 99,400
Imaging Lens Component IFC2-KL 1 178 61,950
Camera Component IFC2-UC2 1 179.5 167,500
Total 693,950