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USB Driver
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USB Driver(SHOT-USB1221 & HIT-USB1221) *Corresponds to SGADVANCE (Ver2.0 or later)/SGNETX (Ver3.0 or later)/SGSample (Ver1.1.5 or later). For other than the above, please use the USB driver included in the product media. 8.2MB
SGUSB for SGEMCS/SGTERM (for Windows98) *Corresponds to Ver1.0 - Ver5.9(Each product). Ver6.0 or more should use the USB driver contained in product media. 33KB
SGUSB for SGEMCS/SGTERM/SGNETX (for Windows Me/2000/XP) *Ver 1.0 to Ver 5.9 of each product software (Not compatible with products of Ver. 6.0 and above.) It corresponds to SGNETX's Ver 1.0 to Ver 1.9 (It does not correspond to the product of Ver. 2.0 or higher.) 29KB
USB Driver Install Manual *Only for SGUSB 906KB
SSH-C2B CDC-USB Driver(for Windows XP/7) *for Shutter Controller 3KB
RMC-102 USB Driver(for Windows 7/8.1/10)32/64bit *for Remote Acutuator 2.2MB

Please copy SGUSB.DLL to Windows system folder after installing SGUSB.
Windows98/Me : \Windows\system folder
Windows2000 : \Winnt\system32 folder
WindowsXP : \Windows\system32 folder