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General Catalog 01 Published in April 1, 2014

General Catalog01 Published in April 1, 2014

For the first time in two years,
the catalog of Sigma Koki (English version) has been published !
This general catalog become more than 10th edition
and we reached a big turning-point.
By taking this opportunity and as part of our global strategy, we will continue to expand 「OptoSigma」 as a unified brand of Sigma Koki group., which is ahead deployed in international markets.

The "General Catalog 01" includes not only for new products that meet customer needs but also various options that have been added to the existing products. We will strongly support the field of customer in a variety of "OptoSigma" brand products. It is also published products corresponding to the inch standard, furthermore, it is easy to use and see.

Covered Product Category

· Application Systems
· Optics & Optical Coatings
· Holders
· Bases
· Manual Positioners
· Actuators
· Motion Control Products
· Light Sources

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